About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

  • To be a premier specialty Ayurvadic Medicine Manufacturing Company by producing high quality products following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • To become a leading Ayurvadic Medicine Manufacturing Company by research on herbs & products based on its historic background.
  • To establish wide market with particular products that will be exclusively available throughout the world.

Our mission is to produce quality products for quality life. Through manufacturing and marketing effective and innovative drugs we aim to improve people’s health, longevity and to satisfy patient’s needs that will increase their quality of life.


Our core values are underlying beliefs that affect how we work with each other, customers and stakeholders.

We create customer confidence through our focus on four values:
  1. Quality
  2. Reliability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Ethics

Quality : We are committed to the highest level of quality from our front door to our customers. Well being of our customer is the highest priority. We achieve this by providing medicines that are of highest quality, efficacy and purity.

Reliability : We do what we say, consistently. Trust and respect is the indispensable basis of our company. We pursue an open and trusting dialogue within and outside our Company.

Responsibility : We believe that a healthy economy, environment and society are fundamental to long-term business success. So, we keep balance between business and environmental objectives and gain competitive advantages through environmentally sustainable practices.

Ethics : We are in ethical business. We practice our dealings and day to day operations in an ethical manner. Our corporate purpose sets out our aspirations in running our business.

Office Address

MIRCO Laboratories & MIRCO Nutricare
Rose View Plaza (7th Floor)
     Room # 809, 185 Bir Uttam
     C.R Datta Road, Dhaka-1205
   +880 1711781060

Factory Address

Charpara, Pabna, Bangladesh

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