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Product Name : Renshen®Ginseng 500mg
Indication :

Renshen is indicated to reduce fatigue and stress. Increase vitality strengthens immunity aphordicise . Erectile dysfunction. Infertility. Menopausal Symptoms. Non-Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Helps to prevents seasonal dementia.

Dosage & Administration :

1 Renshen capsule 1 - 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.

Others :

Composition: Each capsule contains Panax ginseng 500 mg standardized extract.

Description: The king of herb Panax ginseng is the most well known for its precious medicinal value for over 2000 years. The active ingredients in Ginseng are a set of compounds called ginsenosides. This formula is very much effective in sexual dysfunction, mental fatigue, stress, physical weakness, early aging & nervous debility.

Pharmacology: Renshen is an all-natural & clinically shown to increase body's oxygen uptake which is necessary to make healthy energy. Renshen can improve glycogen utilization, alcohol clearance and other metabolic parameters, which is taken as evidence of adaptogenic effect.

Side effects: No serious side effects of drug interactions have been reported. Use in pregnancy and lactation the pregnant mothers should consult their physician before using Renshen capsule.

Precaution: The patient with high blood pressure & heart disease should take Renshen capsule with caution.

Contradictions: Ginseng can be taken with any other vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements. However, while taking other medications with Ginseng it will be better to consult with physician. No known contraindications are found according to the German E Commission and World Health Organization (WHO).

Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight. Store below 25 C in dry place.

Supply: Each box contains 30 capsules in blister.

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